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How to eat Fruits

To absorb full nutrients from fruit on an empty stomach is
to eat it with a few protein foods such as a slice of bread.
In this way, most of the nutrients from fruits will be
digested well and taken as energy by your body. Yes, this is
considered an acceptable reasoning according to many doctors
whom we have discussed this issue with.

- Eating fruits after a meal may cause bloating.

Some doctors say that eating fruits straight after a main
meal may cause bloating or produce gas. They explained to us
that this is because some fruits are high in fructose (sugar
found in fruits), and when digested by your body, a gas may
be produced in your large intestine through fermentation, if
your body's ability to metabolize the excess fructose has
exceeded. This happens especially in persons who have
fructose malabsorption, where they should absorb fructose in
limited amounts.

Things That You Should Know About Fruits

1. Most fruits especially citrus fruits are acidic, but they
will turn to alkaline in your body after they have been

2. Fruits are the roots of health, energy, and longevity. We
do not recommend fruit juices in a can or bottle, especially
soda-mixed fruit--soft drinks that may be against your health
and beauty. Moreover, it may create stress later on, since
they can destroy all nutrients especially vitamins in the

3. It is best to eat whole fruit rather than drinking the
juice of it, because juicing will reduce the fruit's fiber

4. Most fruits have no cholesterol.

5. Fruit stimulates our minds and helps recall memories.
Don't you know that fruits have healing effects for many
diseases as well as the mind? Aside from it, the majority of
beautiful girls love to eat fruits. Fruits may be the key to

6. Scientifically, fruits contain more medicinal properties
than other foods. Is it the reason that fruitarians are
healthier than average people?

In fact, we eat fruits or fruit salad every day as long as
we can afford especially during our snack time. Do keep in
mind that fruits are not medicine to cure diseases. They may
only be considered medicinal and may have power to remedy
your health maladies.


For your information, most of the time, I eat fruits after
meal and during snack time.

I do not feel anything wrong eating fruits after meal, and
you cannot eat a lot of fruits when your stomach is full
anyway. Saying that you should never eat fruit after meal is
nonsense--it's good to eat fruits after meal as DESERT! I
am at least healthy and I have never contracted any diseases
until my old age by eating fruits after meal. How about

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