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Herbal Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are most commonly caused by lack of sleep,
poor nutrition, lack of exercise and too much exposure to sunlight.
There are many ways to cover up dark circles.. However, you can actually get rid
of these dark circles completely rather than just covering them up by using
herbal remedies.

What Causes Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Discolorations under the eyes affect most of us at some point during our life.
Some people experience dark circles chronically, while others only seem to get
them if they haven't had adequate sleep the night before. So what causes this
discoloration under the eyes anyway? Here are a few reasons puffy bags and dark
circles persist:

Age – We all know that aging reveals itself mainly through the
appearance of our skin. aging causes dark circles under eyes Wrinkles and dark
circles, particularly around the eyes, are common signs of aging skin.

Genetics – Don't you just love those hand-me-down genetic gifts
from your parents? Not only do we inherit the good qualities from our
biological parents, we also inherit the not-so-attractive qualities too. Chances
are if your mother or father have thin skin under their eyes, you will be lucky
enough to receive this genetic gift also.
Unfortunately, if your raccoon eyes are genetic"raccoon eyes"
are inherited, there's not much you can do to make them completely

Illness or Allergies – If you're recovering from an illness, or
you're experiencing seasonal allergies, you probably already know
that dark circles come with the territory. The good news is that most of the
time once your sickness or allergies have passed, your dark circles will also

Inadequate Sleep, Poor Diet, and Stress – If you're not sleeping for about 8
hours every night, you're going to notice bags under your eyes. It's pretty much
unavoidable. In addition, if you're eating a inadequate sleep causes dark
circlespoor diet that is not rich in nutrients from each of the food groups, you
will also experience dark circles under your eyes. Similarly, if you're under a
great deal of stress with work, school, or family life, your eyes will tell all
with puffiness and dark circles.

Here are some tips to ban those horrid dark circles under your eyes...

Tip #1: Beauty Sleep It's not just for princesses. We've all had
those late nights and early mornings that result in dark circles and
puffy bags under our eyes. That's one of the reasons why adequate
sleep is so important, and perhaps why they call it "beauty
sleep". reduce dark circles by getting adequate sleep

Tip #2: Eat a Healthy Diet This means that overall, your diet should
consist of vitamins and minerals from each of the food groups. This is
not to say that you cannot indulge once in a while on sweets or greasy
fast food, but overall your diet should be healthy. You know the saying "You are
what you eat"? This is true for your skin, and
particularly for the sensitive, delicate parts of your skin around the
eyes. If reduce dark circles by eating healthyyour diet consists
primarily of junk food, this will be apparent in the quality of your
skin's health, and you will also be more likely to experience dark
circles and puffy eyes.

Tip #3: Hydrate
Did you know that dehydration is one of the most common reasons for dark
circles? It's true – we don't drink nearly as much water as
we should. reduce dark circles by drinking waterInstead, we drink
specialty coffees, sugary sodas, and fancy cocktails that do not hydrate our
bodies sufficiently and instead have the opposite effect and dehydrate us.
Drinking water improves the circulation of the blood in your body, which can
help with dark circles and bags under the eyes, where the skin is so easily

Tip #4: Reduce Your Stress Levels Stress is an inevitable component of life. We
all experience stress in some form or another. Since stress is inescapable, and
takes a toll on your skin, making your eyes appear tired and lifeless, try
managing your stress levels with some natural techniques reduce dark circles by
reducing your stress levelssuch as meditation or yoga. Physical activity of any
kind also helps to reduce stress levels,

- Remember that when you dehydrate your body, it shows on your skin.
Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water everyday.

- They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Make sure that you get
adequate sleep for a minimum seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

Follow a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables — junk and
processed foods have artificial colours that are not exactly great for
your skin. Fresh fruit juices also cleanse your body and reduce dark

- Excessive smoking and drinking also cause dark circles, cut down on
these habits.

- If you're under a lot of stress, it'll show on your face. Opt for
breathing exercises or meditation.

- A great home remedy to get rid of dark circles is to apply a paste of haldi
and pineapple juice under your eyes.

- Massaging almond oil under your eyes is among the best ways to remove dark
circles. Do it daily for about 15 to 20 minutes and you'll get to see quick

- Another effective remedy is to make a paste of equal amounts of lemon juice
and tomato juice and apply it under your eyes for a few minutes.

- Have some rose water at home? Dab it with cotton to your eyes and bid adieu to
dark circles.

- Pudina juice is another effective remedy because it cools your eyes as well as
gets rid of dark circles.

If you've tried all of the above natural tips to reduce the
appearance of dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes without much
luck, you may unfortunately just be prone to developing discoloration in the eye

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