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Common Sexual Saboteur is Ruining Relationships

Is Your Relationship At Risk?

Over 75% of North American couples are silently struggling with a
problem so severe that it ends an estimated 65% of relationships
every year. If that wasn't bad enough, this deal breaking
harbinger of heart ache and emotional woe can enter into our love
lives at any point and leave them completely destroyed. Its
called premature ejaculation, and if you haven't experienced its
effects get ready because the odds are stacked against you. North
America's most respected and credible authority on sexual
dysfunction, the Kinsley Sexual Institute, reports that 60% of
all relationships are suffering from the emotional turmoil caused
by premature ejaculation or PE.

Identifying PE can be confusing without an accurate definition,
however today's sexual therapists agree that premature
ejaculation occurs whenever a lack of ejaculatory control
interferes with the sexual or emotional well-being of one or both
partners in a sexual relationship.

The Effects of PE on Your Relationship

The reason PE is so detrimental to the longevity of a
relationship is the result of bedroom activity effecting our
relationship outside the bedroom. When a man feels he has left
his partner sexually unsatisfied it can have a big effect on his
confidence levels. He may become depressed and unresponsive to
his partner.

On the flip side of the coin males may also lash out in
frustration and anger. Unable to face the issue, or, in some
cases even identify it the problem persists and snowballs until
the relationship is brought to a jarring halt.

Women on the other hand who experience sexual dissatisfaction
become unimpressed by, and disinterested in their partners. They
may even seek sexual satisfaction from another partner putting
their relationship in severe jeopardy.

At first glance it may seem the males responsibility to take
control of the problem and find a solution for himself. While
many men do this, sex experts agree that a females supportive
role can go a long way to ending PE due to the sometimes
emotional nature of the condition.

An Uphill Battle

Overcoming PE is challenging in part due to its role in nature.
The biologically driven goal of our existence is reproduction.
The joy of sexual stimulation has evolved to act as motivation to
achieve this end. The expectation for complete sexual
satisfaction is reasonable, but completely "unnatural". Men
have been biologically programed to ejaculate quickly because of
the vulnerability created by, and necessary for, successful
sexual intercourse.

Does this mean this problem is without a solution? Fortunatly
this is not the case but before you can begin to treat PE you
have to understand it. There are 2 main contributing factors to
the occurrence of PE.

Factor #1 - Emotional/Psychological Problems

By far the most common cause of PE, emotional/psychological
problems effect 90% of sexual relationships at one point or
another. In the case of PE everything from temporary depression
to stress over financial matters can be the cause. Couples that
have unrealistic expectations about sexual performance also
experience problems. A history of sexual repression or an over
all lack of confidence can also cause PE.

In terms of your relationship premature ejaculation can be caused
by a lack of communication, hurt feelings, or unresolved
conflicts that interfere with the ability to achieve emotional

Factor #2 - Neurological Issues

The brain can sometimes play a significant role in both the
existence and prevention of PE.

It has been proven that low levels of serotonin, a chemical in
the brain, can be the root cause of premature ejaculation.
SSRI's (drugs that boost serotonin levels) can be taken to help
treat PE. It is also common for some men to simply have a faster
response neurologically in the pelvic region that results in
sudden ejaculation.

The natural process to finding a solution to PE is to examine
your relationship and talk to your partner to determine and
eliminate any emotional or psychological barriers preventing
sexual satisfaction. If you have trouble talking to your partner
there are guides available online that can help. These guides
also provide helpful tips and exercises to improve sexual
longevity and performance. If you've tried these solutions the
next step is to seek medical assistance.

Where to Go For Help

Sex Therapists

A sex therapist can be a valuable resource in treating PE.
However many men refuse to see them because they feel too
embarrassed. Sex Therapists can also be very expensive and
provide no guarantee they can solve your problem. If they can't
help, you will have spent a lot of money for nothing.

Your Family Doctor

If you have tried various solutions without much success chances
are that you or your partners PE is the result of a neurological
imbalance. Your doctor can prescribe medication to help solve the

The Internet

Due to the embarrassing nature of the condition few resources for
PE available at the book store. However there are many highly
informative and helpful resources available online that can be
purchased and immediately accessed on your computer.

If your relationship is being effected by premature ejaculation
don't ignore the problem. It won't solve itself and if left
unattended it could bring a premature end not only to your sex,
but to your relationship as well. Isn't a healthy and loving
relationship worth the effort? Take action now and find a
solution before you lose what you love the most in life!

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