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Ganoderma in treating Liver Disorders

Liver is one of your largest body organs. It helps in body digestion, detoxification and nutrients storing. In another word, liver is a complex chemical factory in your body.

However due to continuous abuse, your liver may gradually get damaged. So how do you abuse your liver? Here are some common factors leading to liver problem:

    * Alcohol and smoking
    * Taking too much fried, grilled and spicy food
    * Eating too much food with unhealthy fats and cholesterol
    * Prolonged intoxication of chemicals, heavy metals, etc.
    * Always sleep late at night (after 12am)
    * Often get angry or suppress anger

Liver diseases
After all these abuses for a prolonged time, you risk getting liver diseases such as:
    * Fatty liver
    * Liver infection such as Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E
    * Liver hardening (cirrhosis)
    * and finally liver cancer

Liver disease may start with infection such as Hepatitis virus. At this moment, the virus infects and stays in your liver all the time. But if you maintain a strong immune system, the liver virus does not pose any real danger. Both the virus and you can live happily ever after.
However if you constantly have low immunity, your existing virus will attack and cause serious damage in your body. Your liver infection may further develop into liver hardening when some liver cells die out.
Eventually, liver hardening will develop into liver cancer.
Liver disease symptoms

If you have stomach ulcer, you experience extreme stomach pain. If you have knee arthritis, you experience extreme knee pain. But if you have liver problem, what do you feel? Nothing!
That's right. You won't feel any pain at all when you have liver disease. And when one really feels the pain, the liver damage may have developed into terminal stage.
Therefore, liver problem is very hard to detect. However, you can check your blood test for liver's GOT, GPT, GGT, ALP, Bilirubin, Albumin and total protein. Seek treatment immediately if any of those liver indicators are too high or too low.

Common symptoms for liver problems are:

    * Extreme fatigue
    * Jaundice - yellowish skin and eye color
    * Abdomen distention or bloating
    * Poor appetite

Liver treatment
Western medicine usually treats liver diseases with interferon treatment. However, further researches showed various side effects from this treatment. Maybe you will see some improvement at the beginning. But in the long run, your liver disease will only get worse gradually due to medication side effects.
Do remember that liver is a detoxification factory in your body. When it is weak, you should reduce its burden. However by taking medicines, you continue to pour in toxins which your liver has to detoxify. How can your liver stand those burdens in the long run?

Ganoderma as herb for liver
Ganoderma herb can naturally enhance Interferon Alpha and Interferon
Interferons are natural protein produced by your immune system. As its name suggest, interferon can interfere virus activity by:

    * inhibiting viral replication in cell
    * strengthening cell resistance against viral infection
    * activating natural killer cells and macrophages (immunity cells)

Ganoderma herb also effectively:

    * enhance liver detoxification
    * improve liver function
    * and stimulate liver cell regeneration

Natural liver care

Some important steps for your liver care are:
    * Avoid spicy, fried, grilled and oily food
    * Avoid chemically processed food
    * Avoid alcohol and smoking
    * Sleep early
    * Don't get angry and suppress anger

A discipline lifestyle and good emotional health, together with Ganodermais one of the best ways to control and improve liver disease, without any side effects.

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