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Health Tips, Facts, and Trivia

## What is Generic Medication?

A generic drug is identical, or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in
dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality,
performance characteristics, and intended use.

Although generic drugs are chemically identical with their branded
counterparts, they are typically sold at great discounts from the
branded price. Generic drugs save consumers an estimated $8 to $10
billion a year at retail pharmacies.

## Secret from China

Once, I went to an old famous Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, and
ordered a bowl of fried rice with chicken soup. They were really
tasty. I have never tasted such good fried rice with the soup before,
so I wanted to learn how to cook them. I then asked the chef how to
cook it.

He said, "It's a secret".
"Did your father or grandfather teach you?", I asked him.
He replied, "No, no, the secret of the taste was not taught by
anyone. I stole it from my father." He continued, "Secret is a
mystery, and you must steal it."

Yeah, right, I believe the same way.

## Sleeping Well Keeps You Healthy. Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat.

According to a medical survey done by scientists in Japan, people who
sleep fewer hours or were very stressful, eat more and get fat more

## Dangers of Cloning Technology! Are Cloned Products Safe?

Certainly not. FDA approved meat products of cloned cow, cloned
sheep, cloned goat, cloned swine, including cloned goat and cow's
milk, and many other cloned animals for human consumption. Is this

Many medicines were approved by the FDA, and many of them were banned
when dangerous side effects are found. Why doesn't the FDA stop the
approval of clones before something happens? Incurable and
uncontrollable maladies will appear sooner or later.

## Eat Fish Every Day

Fish is better than beef and pork. Fish meat cleans your blood and
makes you wise. Fish meat reduces cholesterol rate in your blood.

## Sleep Apnea (pauses in breathing during sleep)

Do you believe that "sleep apnea" is more likely caused by evolution
or what we call civilization? This syndrome is somewhat inherited
from your ancestors.

One known cause is due to the skeletal structure of the face and
chin. The civilization's adoption of food processing and cooking
reduced the size of our jaw through evolutionary processes.

So far, sleep apnea does not affect animals except "bulldog". Look at
the bulldog, it is believed to be the evolution of man-made dog.

For a dog to fight and attack the bull, we made the dog's face
shorter (the shortness of their jaws was originally bred for
gripping). Since then, the dog is called bulldog, which were used for
bullbaiting in the 17th century. It has a unique face but also
suffers from a disorder called sleep apnea, due to the shape of their
lower jaw. Believe it or not!

## How to Bleach Your Clothes Without Bleaching Powder

During the time of Moses, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ, and other people
of old times, there was no bleaching powder for clothes. But how did
they clean and bleach the clothes, papers and other materials? Simply
wet the cloth and place it under the sun. Before it dries, pour or
splash water several times. Although the whole process may take about
four hours, the water vapor and sunlight will produce enzyme that
removes stain and brings the cloth back to its original color. In
this way, no toxic or chemical pollutants are produced. Wisdom of our
ancestors is wise.

## Good Marriage Reduces Blood Pressure

Do you believe that more marital satisfaction lowers average blood
pressure? A happy marriage is good for your blood pressure, but a
stressed one can be worse than being single, according to a group of
studies. On average, married people tend to be healthier than
remaining single.

## A Few Minutes of Sex Is One of the Best Therapies of All

Most renowned doctors agree that a few minutes of sex enhance and
rejuvenate the metabolism of your body. It will satisfy your partner
and your stress will be reduced. Although this may not sound good to
all, as a kind of therapy, many doctors believe in it.

## Arsenic Poisoning in Deep Well

Arsenic is a very toxic substance found in food, water, and household

Once, I saw a patient who was very thin and dark-skinned and she had
symptoms of all kinds of disease. Clinical tests found that she was
suffering from "arsenic poisoning".

We thought that it was the food she ate, but it was not. Secondly, we
thought she could have got it in the place where she was working, but
it was not. Thirdly, we traced where she traveled in the last two
months, but it was negative. We conducted other investigations but no
positive result was found.

Do you believe that she got arsenic from deep well located in a
beautiful mountaintop?

One of my men came back from India and Bangladesh a few days ago. He
told us that in many parts of Asia such as India, Bangladesh,
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, there are places where you
cannot get clean portable water regardless of mountain altitude. We
requested our men to check the deep well in the mountain. We there
found arsenic substances.

Check your deep well once again, your illness might be just because
of the water from your deep well.

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