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I have heard a lot of stories about tomato saying that it is a
powerful folk medicine. My grandfather, grandmother, and uncle had an
acre of farmland planted with tomatoes and other crops.

When food shortages occurred during WWII, our daily foods were
comprised of only potatoes and tomatoes. They told me that tomato
could heal all our sufferings and maladies.

Today, we realize that tomato is one of the most recommended and
nutritious vegetables in your backyard garden. One medium-sized
tomato, about 150 grams in weight has about 35 calories, 0.5 grams of
fat, 5 mg of sodium, 7 grams of carbohydrate, 1 gram of dietary
fiber, 6 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein, 20% vitamin A, 40%
vitamin C, 2% Calcium, 2% Iron. That's a great vegetable or you call
it fruit.

Recently, we read from medical journals that tomatoes are good for
cancer prevention. Wow, it's really great. What our ancestors
narrated to their children was true.

People who ate tomatoes regularly have a reduced risk of contracting
cancer diseases such as lung, prostate, stomach, cervical, breast,
oral, colorectal, esophageal, pancreatic, and many other types of

Some studies show that tomatoes and garlic should be taken together
at the same time to have its cancer preventive effects. Whatever it
is, we really do not know how or why tomatoes work against cancers.

We believe that lycopene and the newly discovered bioflavonoids in
tomatoes are responsible as cancer fighting agents.

Not only raw tomatoes but also cooked or processed tomato products
such as ketchup, sauce, and paste, are counted as good sources of
cancer prevention.

Tomato is also good for liver health. Tomato has detoxification
effect in the body. Probably it is due to the presence of chlorine
and sulfur in tomatoes.

According to some studies, 51 mg of chlorine and 11 mg of sulfur in
100 grams size of tomato have a vital role in detoxification process.

We know that natural chlorine works in stimulating the liver and its
function for filtering and detoxifying body wastes. Sulfur in
tomatoes protects the liver from cirrhosis, too. Tomato juice is
known as good energy drink and for rejuvenating the health of
patients on dialysis.

Herbalists knew that taking tomatoes and tomato products could reduce
the risk of cardiovascular diseases because of lycopene in it.

What is your worry when you take too much food that contains animal
fat? Butter, cheese, pork, egg, beef, and other fried foods. Take
tomato, it will prevent hardening of the arteries. Therefore, tomato
can reduce high blood pressure, too.

Red ripened tomato is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E and lycopene
in tomato prevents LDL oxidation effectively. Bean sprouts, cabbage
or barley malt contain vitamin E. Tomato is an excellent fruit or
vegetable for rapid skin cell replacement.

Tomato juice can be used for healing sunburn because of its unique
vitamin C. You can also name tomato juice as a good sports drink to
restore yourself from fatigue and sleepiness.

Let's plant marvelous tomato in a container garden if you don't have
a backyard garden.


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