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There are various kinds of magnetizer. It is used for industrial,
water treatment, Fuel treatment use, and health-related applications.
Of course, our topic is for health, however, you should know how some
business-minded people thought of using magnetic energy for health
purposes, claiming that magnetic force of energy can align the
polarities of fluid and blood in the body, and make them flow
smoothly and healthily (like that of magnetic fuel treatment before
combustion, or magnetic water treatment to minimize corrosion).
That's a big laugh!
Most magnetizers used for health look or sound like a big joke.
You can see commercialized products and their opinions saying that
magnetizer saves fuel consumption because of improved combustion. In
addition, hard water treated by magnetizer will turn it to somewhat
soft water (water softener), and water heater and boiler will have
less corrosion or rust. According to their statements, wine, coffee,
and water placed through magnetizer tastes smoother and better. Is
this true?
We have tried magnetizer with our vehicles and water heater systems,
including wine and coffee, too for about seven months now, but we are
not experiencing convincing results at all, or we do not know how to
There are various styles and designs of magnet-embedded accessories
or devices for health, such as magnetic bracelets and jewelry;
magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, and the back; shoe insoles,
mattresses, and magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into
the material); and even water that has been "magnetized".
To know how magnet works for our body, we have applied it to 1,000
volunteers, and gathered health and medical data.
500 volunteers were given true magnet-embedded bracelet and blanket
for sleeping. The other 500 volunteers were given nonmagnet-embedded
bracelet and blanket. Of course, they were thinking that they were
given genuine magnet-embedded bracelet and blanket with them.
All of them were checked and recorded their blood pressure,
heartbeat, temperature, feeling of fatigue and stress, every day for
20 days.
Can you guess what had happened to all of them? Even some volunteers
who wear fake bracelet and blanket told us that they felt good
physically and mentally.
Even some volunteers who wear genuine bracelet and blanket did not
indicate any good results at all.
Our conclusion, "magnetizer has nothing to do with our health". We
may need more studies to finalize but mostly, we believe that it is
somewhat psychological effect or a placebo effect and has very little
to do for the health.
Magnetizer is for industrial use only, don't you think so?

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