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Cure for Nail Biting

More than 500 million people around the world are pathological nail-
biters according to our medical advisers. Is it caused by
nervousness, anxiousness, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or
what? There are several reasons for chewing or biting your
fingernails, or even your toenails.

During a summer school vacation, our medical groups invited teachers
and guardians of several primary schools to present their pupils who
have nail biting habit for a trip on a resort area in Nara, Japan for
40 days.

Our medical groups were trying to find the cause of nail biting.
However, we suspected that there is only one or two causes, primarily

40 pupils were gathered and the schools and guardians financed the
entire expenses. After 3 hours of train trip, they arrived to a
temple where they spent their vacation.

No pupils were informed about nail biting. They are free to do
sightseeing and going around, getting wild chestnuts, and chasing
mountain dears, except at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast, 12:00 noon for
lunch and 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Of course, our groups were observing
their nail biting habits.

We see and hear them laughing and shouting. The pupils enjoyed so
much as there were no prohibitions and studies at all.

After a week of vacation, we found their nail biting habits had
lessened. After three weeks of vacation, there were almost zero nail
biting pupils. After 40 days of vacation, there was only one nail
biting student.

With our interview with pupils, they enjoyed the trip without heavy
studies in the school and were able to relate with their classmate or
family. We came to understand that many young pupils have the same
stress we just have. Stress reflected to nail biting habit for young

One of them who couldn't stop nail biting had a family problem. It
was a case of parent relational problem in the family.

In 40 days of observing 40 pupils from various schools, we concluded
that nail biting is mainly caused by stress and some mental fatigue.
We were able to gather valuable information not only on health
matters but also on social and environmental matters. How about your


  1. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Symptoms (OCD) means having behavior or thoughts that come over and over again and if these behavior or thoughts are not done then there is an anxious feeling of incompleteness. Some of the behaviors are normal everyday things, for example washing ones hands, checking doors or stoves, and some of the things can be unusual, counting to ten, counting while waiting for someone, hoarding money, or other similar things.

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