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Diabtes Treatment and Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, Prameha is of 20 types. Diabetes is one among them called Madhumeha. All the diseases that come under Prameha are characterized by polyurea.

According to Ayurveda the treatment of Diabetes can be divided as follows...
1. Regular exercise-
Ayurveda has said that one should do regular and suffer hardships. Ayurvedic texts say that diabetes patient should do hard works like digging a well and pond, walking long distance and doing asana.
From this we can understand that from ancient time onwards it was known be a disease of lazy people and they knew the importance of exercise in this disease.
So it should be understood that only medicines will not have any effect on Diabetes

2. Contolled food habits-
Diabetes patient should control their food. They should not eat food and fruits which are sweet. They should also keep away from tender fruits of those fruits which become sweet on ripe. They should also avoid foods that are rich in starch content

3. Medicine-
The role of medicine comes only last according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda mentions many medicines like Chandraprabha vati,Nisha Kathakadi kashayam are very effective here.
However there are some single drugs which will be very effective in diabetes. I will mention a few here
       Curry leaves - Leaves are taken, dried and powdered and taken after food, morning and evening.
       Fenugreek (Methi) - Methi is a good medicine for diabetes. It can be taken by the following ways.
* 1 teaspoon of powder taken in empty stomach early morning.
* The fenugreek which is kept in water overnight is taken along with the water.
       Gooseberry (Amalaki) - Drinking 15ml of Amalaki along with 5g of turmeric powder (Haldi) can cure Diabetes soon. It can be taken twice a day in empty stomach.
      Bilwa (Aegles marmelos) - * Take 5-6 leaves in early morning in empty stomach
                                                       *The leaves are dried and powder is taken early morning
It should be noted that these medicines will have varied results in different individuals.
Results will be seen after taking it for 2-3 months. It is advised that you don’t stop your medicines while taking these

3. Knowledge about Diabetes-
All diabetic patients should have knowledge of their disease. This knowledge will help them to keep them selves away from factors that increase their disease. They should also keep in track of the latest development in treating diabetes. A good knowledge about diabetes and its complication can help them from future troubles. Chronic Diabetes can affect Eyes (Diabetic retinopathy),Nervous system(Diabetic retinopathy),it also lead to delayed wound healing.
So know Diabetes and its nature.


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  5. I don't have any kind of desease, but thanks for the info, I'll past It to some I know who have this desease but It's already well informed but I want to share what I do, well I'm a regular person who work and live peaceful as many, I do excercise everyday (1 hour) I eat healthy as I can and I sleep around 7 hours every night and I'm a programmer.


  6. according to some scientific studies diabetes can be totally inherited, for this reason is a good choice before you decided to het children make some medicals checks to avoid a lot of suffer to your child.

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