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Why liquid diets are unhealthy........

 Many of those who want to get a trim tummy in a jiffy, think that switching on to a liquid diet helps. Also in the sweltering summer, people sometimes prefer to take only cool drinks or fruit juice rather than solid food. However, nutritionists while recommending more liquids in one's diet during summer, advise that one should not substitute a liquid diet for a solid one.
Says nutritionist Sumana Basak, "Liquid diet cannot supply all nutrients. Fruit juices lack protein, fats, adequate energy-giving calories and most importantly fibre.

Liquid food stays in our stomach for just 30 minutes to one hour compared to a solid meal that stays in the stomach for at least four to five hours.

Malnutrition can set in if one tries to survive on such a diet for a long period. Also, one may develop colon cancer as fruit juices lack the fibre needed to keep the colon ."

Dietician at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, Charita Adikane, says that the best liquids to take in this season besides plain water are tender coconut juice and barley water with lemon, buttermilk, gingili water, mango panna, juices of watery fruits like watermelon and mask melon.

Milkshake is another healthy drink, but it's better to avoid adding sugar to it. "This will keep one hydrated, detoxify the system (fruits like oranges containing vitamin C and anti-oxidant salts) and also aid digestion. However, it is always advisible to eat raw fruits than to drink fruit juice, as the former is rich in fibre."

"Those who want to stay slim by cutting down their diet can help themselves to soup before lunch or dinner. It reduces the urge to eat more.

Also, every major meal should be ideally followed by some liquids like fruit juice," adds Sumana. Therefore, a low calorie, whole fruits and salad-based solid diet as well as a liquid one are equally important for a balanced diet as they complement each other.

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