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Here is an article on Fitness, written with inputs
provided by Mr. Sanjeev Nijhawan ... a veteren of the
Fitness Industry for more 12+ years ...
I hope you benefit from it ...

For what its worth,
I have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years ...
And it is shocking, to say the least, the ignorance that is still
prevalent about fitness and its allied tools and accessories
among the average person ...
And sad to say, this ignorance is rampantly exploited by
those in the business of supplying fitness equipment ..
In this short article I would like to give you some tips in
case you are looking to buy a Home treadmill ...
They might help you to make a better purchase
by knowing the right questions to ask .....
(And Yes, you can contact me too for a good deal)
Everyone who is looking out for a Home treadmill
wants the best. But until you are aware of what you need,
you can’t make the right choice ... because you don't
know what the market offers and what you should be asking for ...
Make sure you know what you are looking out for……
Here are some tips from an Industry insider (your truly )
to know exactly what you are looking for ... and How to get it ..
Quality is in Brands,
Like it or not, good brands give you durable long lasting parts
e.g. motors, Rollers, Belt quality.
I know they cost more but they come with far lesser
if not nonexistent headaches ..
The longer the better,
- for service/labour ask for at least 1 year &
- for spares and parts demand 2 years.
(Yes, the dealers do get that much from the Parent
company ... sometimes more .. Some of them just
don't pass on the benefit to customers and try to make
some money in supply of spare parts ... after the warrantee
that they provide is over ...)
Customer list- Always ask for the past customer users.
It can give you an idea as to how the particular model &
company are doing in the market.
Whether it is a fast moving model or one that is elitist ...
A Good treadmill must have the following
standard features such as
- pre workouts,
- Heart rate control,
- Incline range,
- weight capacity,
- calories,
- speed,
- distance etc.
User friendly-
It has to be user friendly to you &
not your trainer or coach ..
For example the length of the running deck should be
around 6 to 7 feet for a conmfortable run ....

Here are the technical dimensions
Specs :189cm x 84cm
& most important the max user weight that it should be
able to take should be around 150kgs.
(That's a minimum safe limit in Home Range treadmills)
This has to be decided by you as to what suits you best ,,
Good treadmills for Home range start anywhere
from 35000/- and go upto to 1,25,000/-.
Commercial ones for Gyms go from 2,50,000/- to Rs.12,00,000/-
(Twelve lakh rupees ... Yep .. you heard me right on that one)
Here are some technical aspects that you should be
taking into consideration
- stability, - smoothness, - space,
- motor capacity of about 1.5hp to 2 hp
- Programs
- preset programs,
- weight loss,
- Heart rate etc
- Running area- aprox 45cm x 132cm
- Elevation, 0 to 10% or 12% (Expla)
- Motor, 1.5 hp to 2 hp
- Heart rate – Hand grip (hand sensors on the treadmill)
or chest strap (98% more accurate,
but if more than one person is using it,
you may run into hygiene issues –
something you can overcome by cleaning it after every use)
- Rollers – 1.9" to 2.5" dynamically balanced.
-Belts – 2 ply poly / Ultra thick 4.4mm orthopedic belt
- Max user weight, 100 kg to 150 kgs
- Speed range, 0.5 mph – 12 mph.
The entire family can use it, it not only gets the Heart pumping,
tones & strengthens the body but is also a great tool for weight loss.
The benefits of using the treadmill to you are.
Lowers cholesterol level,
Increases Heart health,
toned muscles,
improved circulation &
maintains weight,
Boosts immune system.
Remember, before body building, you should first strengthen the Heart
Its something that many Gyms and trainers overlook
in their overzealousness to get you the chiselled look ...
There is no point in having a muscled look if your heart
action is weak .. Treadmills and aerobics ensure that your Heart
action remains strong ..
In my experience, Corporates are now going
in for more of treadmills for their employees
in their company gyms than other equipment ...
The stress is now on overall fitness ..
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
or need clarifications ...
Although My main thrust is in Commercial Gym equipments,
feel free to contact me for home range too ..
Rahul, I hope this is enough ..
Sanjiv Nijhawan

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