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Presence of blood in the urine is called hematuria. According to
ayurveda it is a form of adhoga rakta pitta. It is commonly caused by stones
or infection in the genitor-urinary tract and some other haemorrhagic
conditions. The patient may pass urine mixed with blood at times he will
micturate blood alone.

gokshura is the drug of choice for this condition. The seed
of this plant is used in the medicine. It is given in the form of a
powder in a dose of one teaspoonful twice a day, mixed with honey. It is
also given in a form of decoction in a dose of 50 ml , two times a day.
Guduchi is popularly used for the treatment of this condition. The
juice of this plant is given to the patient in a dose of 30 ml three times
a day. Both the stem and the leaves are used for the extraction of the
juice. The starch collected from the matured stem of this plant is
called guduchi sattva. This is given to the patient in a dose of one
teaspoonful three times a day with milk or water.

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  1. Nice information about this medicinal treatment. Hematuria is really a frustrating disease, so hopefully this alternative medicine for it would help.